The work has it’s origin in the physical theatre. Of great importance is the actor’s training of his/hers instrument – the body – and to develop the capacity of expression. The participant gets tools and confidence to create on his/her own, improvisation and power of creating characters. The method we use to train the capacity to create has shown good results even for those who doesn´t want to be actors, perhaps they just want to be better to communicate? Or have fun? That kind of work we call ‘Playfulness’ because it similar to ‘Mindfulness’ but in this work you don´t only work with yourself but also with motions in a group, your relations with other people and how you communicate with others. We do this in physical training but also in talks. All in seriousness but in a playfull atmosphere. Workshops in ‘Playfulness’ are, for now, only organized on request. Please contact if you are interested.