To dance with reality
”The intention is: To be and to act in contact – in the same beat as the existing reality, to be conscious of and able to use the things that come to you in this moment and with all this, create a new reality.”Researchresidence Scenkonst GerlesborgAll types of scenic artists can apply for these residencies and the focus is in researching. The artist gets the possibility to work with his/her artistic ability without thinking of making a performance – if you don´t want to. You can, if you want, also get guidance through the process of creating your own piece of work.The important thing with our residences is the supervision of Michael Norlind. He is a director, actor and supervisor and teach among other places at ’The Academy of Music and Drama at the University of Gothenburg’The supervision is planned together with the participants on basis of their wishes and thoughts. One evening we invite local people – often artists of different kinds – to come and listen, see and talk. The residence participants decide if they want to show something or just talk about an interesting issue.The research residence includes free studio and supervision.
You can apply for the residence throughout whole 2017.
If you want more information, please contact gunilla.rahm@scenkonstgerlesborg.seThe opportunity to invite artists to research residencies is possible because of the support we have from VGR and Tanums kommun. We have support because we want to be an ’incubator’ for the scenic art and that the residencies are open for national and international applicants and the participants will contribute to the local and regional art through meetings during their residence.

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